We provide an up-to-date dental health care program for each individual pet.

Regular dental exams are performed during annual and semi-annual check ups.  Recommendations for problems noted during these visits can help eliminate tooth loss and infections. 

A dental cleaning procedure may be recommended for your pet.  This hospital procedure, performed under anesthesia, scales the tartar off and then polishes the teeth.  Keeping your pets teeth and mouth healthy can add years to their life.  Gum disease, infections and bacteria from the mouth can spread to organs in the body which can lead to heart and kidney disease.

Due to the wide range of dental deficits that we treat, it is required that a veterinarian examine your pet prior to scheduling any dental work.  This will ensure that our team of professionals knows exactly what is required to make your pet's smile even more beautiful and healthy.  Dental staging can be done during regularly scheduled visits for vaccinations and exams.

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